Over the past few years the concept of translational research has emerged as an important bridge between basic and applied research, integrating the two for greater good.

The Arizona Center for Accelerated Biomedical Innovation (ACABI) represents a new approach to that integration, linking research, medicine, and business to rapidly bring vital innovation to patient care.

Our Mission

The mission of ACABI is to serve as a novel creativity engine, an inventor's workshop and a means of tackling unmet medical needs, to develop practical solutions that may be brought into the real world as true innovations.

Our Vision

To accomplish that mission, ACABI focuses its vision on three operational targets.

Unmet Needs
ACABI works to resolve unmet needs, primarily biomedical, surfaced through close work with physicians and medical experts at the University of Arizona and Banner University Medical Center. We distil those needs into discrete, addressable problems.

Expanding Discovery Applications 
ACABI identifies enhanced uses for technologies developed by the University of Arizona and collaborating partners, amplifying the utility of these discoveries through novel solutions that can be rapidly implemented in the clinical world.  

Engagement with Industry
ACABI works with industry — especially the biomedical industry — with an end goal of commercialilzed innovation: creative solutions that become actual tools in medical care. We link industry, academic and medical expertise to solve problems and enrich existing products and services with new technologies.