Method for Determining Cell Stiffness

Background: Platelets, essential for hemostasis, are easily activated via biochemical and mechanical stimuli. In addition, cell stiffness is a vital parameter modulating the mechano-transduction of exogenous mechanical stimuli. This methodology seeks to address the gap in approaches of measuring individual platelet stiffness without inadvertent platelet activation. 

Invention: The present invention is a minimal-contact method used to trap and measure the stiffness of platelets in relation to the whole cell. 

·Hospital assessments (measuring cell stiffness)
·Forensic medicine (determining cause of disease/impairment/death)
·Biological research
·Cancer research
·Stem cell research

·Employs dielectrophoresis-mediated electrodeformation
·Facilitates further studies of mechanisms involved in mechanically-mediated platelet activation
·Measures the mechanical properties of adherent, anchorage-dependent cells and anchorage-independent suspended cells that have limited shear sensitivity