Smart Insole

Background: Diabetic foot ulcers require a lot of monitoring for the wound healing process.Patients are asked to perform self-evaluations in between physician visits in order to keepan eye on high risk factors during the healing process. If high risk factors are found patientsmust then get into the doctor for treatment. This process leaves a lot of room forcomplications to present themselves with the patient between treatments.

Invention: The presented technology is a personalized orthotic that measures and adjustsfor high risk factors associated with wound healing of diabetic foot ulcers. The orthoticsenses pressure, temperature, blood flow, oxygen tension, pH levels, and sweat chloridelevels at the skin contact surface.


•       Diabetic foot ulcer wound care

•       Chronic wound care


•       Point of care treatment

•       Immediate adjustment to aid in the wound healing process

•       Technology adjustable to various contact surfaces