Innovation 101

At the heart of the ACABI model and rationale is its Creativity Engine — a process in which distilled needs are examined through the lenses of diverse technologies to find novel, life-changing solutions to medical problems.

ACABI and the University of Arizona are committed to helping everyone understand the innovation that's both the fuel and output of that engine and helping individuals from all backgrounds and fields of expertise realize their invention potential. 

Defining Innovation
There are many ways to define "innovation." Which resonates with you?

Innovation Glossary
Explore language of innovation, invention and commercialization.

Entrepreneurship Course
Learn the steps and skills needed for turning an idea into a commercially viable product, service or enterprise.

Catalog of Capabilities
Findings from surveys conducted across campus exploring innovation interest and capacity among UA staff.

UA Innovation Ecosystem
A big-picture view of the units and process for innovation on the UA campus.