Syed Hossainy

Adjunct Professor, Bioengineering

Syed has recently been the head of Abbott Vascular's innovation incubator group with a vision of Targeted innovation optimizing short Term and long-term business growth options. The group has delivered 10 successful proof-of feasibility projects (2007 thru 2013). Successful feasibility projects include Bioabsorbable Vascular Scaffold for peripheral vasculature, clinically showing product feasibility. Syed's technical contributions include Biomaterials for Clinical application, Local Drug delivery, and Mathematical modeling of Biomedical therapy. In addition, Syed leads the innovation strategy at Abbott by partnering with technical leadership, business function, and legal organization. Syed has received 286 issued patents, 390 patents pending (listed in USPTO) in the area of cardiovascular implants, drug delivery, and Biomaterials application. He also delivered over 20 Invited lectures and keynotes at world congresses, Over 15 peer-reviewed journal publications, and over 75 additional podium and poster presentations.