Start Innovating

ACABI's strength is its wide network of industry, faculty and individual collaborators. Whether you're a leading biomedical firm or a professor with no experience in commercializing inventions but a great idea for improving health care, ACABI has a role for you to play in tackling unmet needs in medicine.

UA Community Opportunities

Universities are natural homes for creative thinkers. Even if you've never been involved with innovation and commercialization, your involvement in ACABI can help with our mission to find solutions for unmet medical needs. And if you're a seasoned researcher and inventor, we can amplify your work.


Industry Opportunities

ACABI collaborates with industry in a number of way, from research partnerships to consultative services, tailored workgroups and more. Many of these opportunities are embedded in three formalized levels of participation designed primarily for companies and organizations but available to individuals, as well.


Other Opportunities

If you're not University of Arizona employee and not involved in the biomedical industry, there may still be ways for you to get involved with our mission and vision.

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