UA Health Sciences

Stretchable Electronics Get to the Heart of Cardiac Medicine

UA cardiologist Marvin Slepian is part of a team effort integrating stretchable electronics with balloon catheters used to treat heart rhythm abnormalities. Nature Materials is featuring the breakthrough on the cover of its March 6 issue.
Fully inflated multifunctional balloon instrumented with temperature, tactile and EKG sensors on islands interconnected by non-coplanar serpentine wires. (Photo by Dae-Hyeong Kim)

Tomorrow's Pacemakers: Batteries Not Included

Tiny power generators developed by the University of Arizona and the University of Illinois could eliminate the need for batteries in medical devices.
The mechanical energy harvester, which is flexible enough to conform to the surface of an organ such as the heart, converts the organ's motion into electricity. (Photo: Univ. of Illinois/UA)

Electronics That Vanish in the Body

UA physician and biomaterial expert Dr. Marvin J. Slepian is part of a team that has developed biodegradable electronics that could revolutionize medicine, environmental monitoring and consumer electronics.
A biodegradable integrated circuit during dissolution in water.

UA Surgeon Takes on 'Medjacking'

Dr. David G. Armstrong has joined an elite committee studying medical device cybersecurity.

Innovation in Health Sciences

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Arizona Center for Accelerated Biomedical Innovation (ACABI)

The Arizona Center for Accelerated BioMedical Innovation (ACABI) is a “creativity engine,” established to develop practical, value-added solutions to emerging unmet needs. 

ACABI specifically will focus on the mounting group of unmet needs in health care, well care and individual well-being, in the rapidly evolving world and society in which we live. The methodology of ACABI is to identify addressable elements within unmet needs, while at the same time identifying novel science, technology and other discoveries that may be brought to bear to develop novel solutions which may be translated to reality in the here and now. At the heart of ACABI is inventiveness and a synthesis capability, to creatively mix diverse elements to yield a range of novel solutions. As such ACABI creates value, enhances connectivity, converts ideas to reality, catalyzes academic grantsmanship as well as practical commercialization of new knowledge, discoveries and insight generated at the University of Arizona. ACABI converts new knowledge generated at the UA into real world, present use, economically viable devices, agents, methods and processes to aid Arizona, the United States and beyond. ACABI brings the UA to the leading edge and prepares it to excel in the future.

1. Innovation = Invention and Translation
2. Commercialization
3. Education
4. Fund Raising
5. Research