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Many university faculty and medical professionals are intrinsically innovative. Their challenge lies in knowing how to bring their ideas to process that moves invention forward in a meaningful, productive way.  

Disconnects in Academia

Across the country, few faculty are involved in innovation. Even the most technically advanced institutions see only a tiny fraction of professors contribute to invention because while many academics are naturally creative, most universities lack an effective mechanism for stimulating and fostering innovation except among elite researchers.

Disconnects in Medicine

Many universities have excellent clinical faculty who see the limitations of current medicine on a daily basis. However, today's medical training doesn't typically produce inventors. Those that do have ideas for medical inventions or improvements lack some infrastructure for stewarding those ideas into meaningful applications.

ACABI: The Missing Link

ACABI is designed to address those gaps in our systems: a way that any faculty, not just recognized researchers, can bring ideas to the table, and a way that doctors and other health care providers can put their front-line knowledge and innovative ideas to work.

At the same time, for established innovators, scientists and researchers, our deep understanding of the invention and patent system and the worlds of medical regulation and reimbursement adds value to leading scientific work.

In all scenarios, our unique structure and process connects solvable problems to promising technologies in a methodology that creates an opportunity for all players to see their ideas advance and prosper.

Who Should Get Involved

  • Anyone interested in innovation, even those with no specific ideas for invention
  • Anyone with an idea for invention or a way to make an existing medical technology better
  • Anyone who knows of a serious unmet need that they believe should be solved, even if they don't know where to start

Why Work with ACABI

  • Innovation education and training
  • Information to improve grant applications
  • Expert advice on intellectual property
  • Enhanced patent applications
  • Connections to the biomedical industry
  • Advising on government funding and support
  • Opportunities to showcase your work

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