Industry Opportunities

There are several ways that industry — the biomedical industry, in particular — can be part of ACABI's mission, vision and activities.

Many of these opportunities are embedded in three formalized levels of participation, designed to create deeper, more sustained engagements within the traditional avenues of charitable donations, service contracts and partnered research and development.

Assistance to the Biomedical Industry

In addition to (or within the framework of) our three participation levels, ACABI is designed to aid the biomedical industry in various ways, leveraging our collective experience and expertise to accelerate innovation, consistent with our mission and vision.

Regulatory Consulting
Leverage our know-how in developing biomedical products on paths consistent with regulatory and reimbursement processes.

Technology Stewardship
ACABI can provide guidance on enhancing the scope of intellectual property and new products, optimizing for market applications.

Tailored Advisory Boards
Drawing on our broad network of partner universities and labs, ACABI can assemble workgroups and task forces customized to your R&D needs.

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