Arizona 100 Unmet Needs

The list below represents the 100 medical needs in the State of Arizona as prioritized by ACABI. Our teams distill each of these needs broad needs into a number of discrete elements that are then "churned" against a wide range of technologies within ACABI's Creativity Engine.

Unmet Needs List: Categorized


Needs of Everyday Life

1. Portable, conveinance, long-lasting energy source.  

2. Avaialble Parking regardless of urban constraints 

3. Security of personal information online

4. Affordable textbook access on campus for student

5. Awareness of airport security checkpoint hold-ups before arrival to the terminal



1.  Mechanisms that conserve water

2.  Low-cost Salt water purification mechanism

3.  Aircrafts that run on sustainable energy

4.  Widespread seawater farming mechanism

5.  Non-toxic mechanism to break down and eliminate waste


Healthcare: Treatment/Diagnostics

1. Method to increase circulation in patients suffering from diabetic foot ulcers.

2.  Method of measuring blood glucose levels without penetrating the skin

3.  Early screening method for detection of pancreatic cancer

4.  Personalized pharmaceuticals that respond best to the given patient

5.  Method of drug delivery through the blood - brain barrier

6.  Treatment against drug-resistant bacteria

7. Prolong/Slow symptoms of frailty due to aging

8. Probiotic treatment for obesity that utilizes the patient’s microbiome

9.  Decreased probability of infection for open wound patients

10.  Ability to localize stem cells to the CNS

11.  Ability to control stem cell differentiation In the CNS

12.  Schizophrenia Diagnostic method that can be read by the neurotransmitter (seretonin) levels of the patient.

13.  Oral drug delivery in personalized (Genome specific)  medicine

14.  Pharmaceutical cure (or treatment) for addiction

15.  Neuropathic pain management

16.  Cancer Rehabilitation procedure

17.  Organ transplant tolerance mechanisms

18.  Method to spontaneously induce clotting in hemophiliacs

19. Non-behaviorist approach to psychiatric diagnostics

20.  Ability to stimulate growth in meniscus tears (cartilidge)

21.  Method of neurological inhibition to reduce phantom limb sensation symptoms

22.  Neurotransmitter measurement that is quick and efficient

23. Permanent hair removal

24. Maintenance of testosterone levels as men age

25. Method of effectively treating open wounds from diabetes


Healthcare: Medical Devices

1.  More efficient prosthetic limbs

2.  Genomic Disease Detection device

3.  More easily understood mechanism of conveying medical information to patients

4.  More efficient blood flow in patients with vascular disease

5. Better transfection systems

6.  Minimization of exposure to pathogens for healthcare providers (bacteria resistant wearable coats)

7.  Early detection mechanism for blood clotting

8.  Restless leg syndrome diagnostic mechanism/device

9.  Blood pressure measurement device on the go

10.  Detecting bone shifts following the insertion of a surgical plate

11.  Method to control the timing of biodegradation for biomaterials

12.  Personalized artificial immune cells for patients suffering from immunodeficiency

13. Fortification for patients prone to herniated disks (spinal cord)

14. Method of effectively treating open wounds from diabetes

15. Ability to track the movement of a blood clot in real time