Industry Participation Levels

Individuals, companies and other organizations are invited to connect with ACABI in various value driven formats through three levels of participation.

Level 1: Friends of ACABI

Our Friends network is made up of individuals and entities that backe their believe in our our mission and goals with financial support. In addition to regular updates on our actions and achievements, Friends will be invited to ACABI events and given a designated ACABI contact who can help them learn more about specific projects and people and ways to become more deeply involved.

Level 2: ACABI Round Table

Round Table participants may include corporations, foundations and other organizations as well as independent individuals. Supporters at this level will have multiple opportunities for discussions with Dr. Slepian and ACABI faculty and associates throughout the year.

One of the greatest benefits of Round Table participation is the opportunity for members to conduct pilot experiments in a defined area, leveraging ACABI's expertise, intellectual property and research data to jump-start product development or initial explorations for improving on an existing solution.

While this opportunity differs somewhat from traditional sponsored research (offering more broad, “outside the box” thinking and results), in both cases, experiments and developments converge towards an agreed target, advantaged by ACABI's multidisciplinary expertise and capabilities. 

Contact ACABI to learn more about Round Table benefits and opportunities.

Level 3: ACABI Inner Circle

Similar to the ACABI Industry Round Table, Inner Circle participants members will primarily represent larger corporations and organizations, though individuals and other parties are welcome.

Inner Circle members enjoy all of the benefits of ACABI Friends and Round Table participants  plus exploratory, contractually defined access to a broad and growing catalogue of enabling technologies.

These technologies — electroceuticals, microfluidics and other high-potential areas of innovation — represent tremendous opportunities and as yet undefined possibilities. It's our hope and expectation that granted special access to this deep pool of innovation,  businesses will find ways to rapidly enter new technical spaces or advance their existing solutions in an established markets.

To that end, Inner Circle participants will also be invited to work closely with ACABI to help develop near-term solutions to real problems identified through our ongoing assessment of unmet needs.

Contact ACABI to learn more about Inner Circle membership and benefits.